In today's financial environment having the vision and relationships is key in the property development business.

Livewire Dynamic have been working with property partners for many years, funding projects such as Nursing homes, Golfing resorts, Restaurants , Apartment buildings and Vacation homes. Having the vision and relationships is key in this marketplace and the property development business can be relatively straightforward.


Property development requires heavy investment from the start, you will need finance in place When deciding on finance, research the criteria that may adversely impact your investment. In reality It's important to understand that getting capital is a time consuming, difficult process.

Credit Risk

In today's financial environment, loans are secured by cash flow and assets. It doesn't matter how good the project sounds to the project developer, it will  be evaluated based on its credit risk.

Project proposals should show a positive valuation – what will the project will be worth when all costs are paid. Livewire Dynamic will provide a solution regardless of the size of your business or project.

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